Subina Shami Interviewed for SKS

In 2022, The Smart Kitchen Summit (SKS) brings us SKS Invent, an event focused on discovering and celebrating new thinking in the world of food and cooking, shining a light on those rethinking the world of consumer food.

Extraordinary leaders and thinkers present their ideas and showcase their products on a virtual stage at SKS Invent on October 12, 2022. Their big ideas span 5 areas of innovation which include Culinary Technology, Sustainability, Personalization, Commerce & Discovery, and Place & Space.

Showcasing their products on the virtual stage are 14 start-ups presenting and exhibiting at the custom built SKS metaverse space. Among them is Cuisine Machine, a countertop smart appliance that uses pre-programmed electronic recipe cards to automatically add ingredients one by one during cooking, while controlling the temperature and pressure.

Follow the link below to hear from Subina Shami, inventor of Cuisine Machine, as she is interviewed by The Spoon, the industry’s go-to resource for news, analysis, and understanding of the fast-changing food tech marketplace.