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End Consumer

This Product Is Looking For A Manufacturer & Is Not Yet Available For Sale.

One Compact Kitchen Solution For Meals Made Easy

Skip The Cooking Process & Free Yourself From The Stove

You Don’t Need To Sacrifice Time For Nutritious Home-Cooked Meals

After years of improved household technology, millions of people still struggle to balance busy schedules and the need to live a healthier lifestyle. Meal subscriptions and delivery apps drain your wallet. But so does buying produce you know you’ll never cook.

So, if you’ve ever wished there was a device that could not only cook but also stir, add ingredients, and monitor your meal for you, you’re not alone.

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Of Consumers Are Open To AI-Powered Assistance In The Kitchen.

Cuisine Machine is the next-level smart device that automates the cooking process, so you can spend more time focused on what matters to you.

Don’t know how to cook? Not a problem!

Following a recipe book will become a thing of the past as Cuisine Machine uses pre-programmed recipes combined with automated technology to cook for you – no cooking skills required! Cuisine Machine breaks down each previously coded recipe to a science, adding ingredients, stirring, and monitoring temperature and pressure throughout the process.

Blend the automated technology of Cuisine Machine into your meal plans and spend time with your children, work through important deadlines, or simply enjoy more moments to yourself.

Making Smart Moves For Your Family

Cuisine Machine is a valuable kitchen tool for individuals and families that want delicious and healthy meals made right every time.

Cuisine Machine Is An Automated Household Solution For Anyone Looking To Trim Cooking Time Out Of Their Agenda.

How Cuisine Machine Fits Into Your Kitchen

Declutter Your Kitchen & Spend Less Time Cooking With One AI Device
Limit Time Spent Stuck In The Kitchen
Reduce The Number Of Appliances In Your Home
Take Part In Prep Work & Keep The Spirit Of Cooking
Minimize Food Waste With Pre-Portioned Chambers

Food Waste Per Capita By Consumers In Europe & North America Is 95 To 115 Kilograms Per Year.

The Future Of Cuisine Machine

We’re looking for a manufacturing deal to produce the Cuisine Machine and help develop other opportunities, including:

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cuisine Machine uses pre-programmed Electronic Recipe Cards to cook a well-balanced meal. You choose your recipe, load the ingredients needed, and simply press “Start”.

Cuisine Machine takes it from there using programmed instructions to automatically drop ingredients into a digitally temperature-monitored bowl, one by one, at specific times during cooking.

This smart device stirs, handles its pressure, and controls the temperature, all while you go about your business until your meal is ready!

Yes. You can see how this fully-automated kitchen appliance works by clicking the link below.

Testing automated cooking with the Cuisine Machine prototype
The Cuisine Machine is not currently on the market. However,we are open to discussing licensing and manufacturing with a serious supplier interested in the growing global multi-cooker market, valued at $720 million in 2020.
Unlike a pressure cooker, the Cuisine Machine automatically adds the ingredients for the user during the cooking process using patent pending technology.

Contact Subina Shami for more information.

Phone: +44 (0) 7700 327382
Email: sshami@cuisine-machine.com
Social: linkedin.com/in/SubinaShami


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Learn more about working professional, mom, and Cuisine Machine inventor Subina Shami.

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The Future Of Cooking Is Here!

Explore licensing the advanced patent pending technology of Cuisine Machine