Cuisine Machine

The Live-In Chef You Need To Add Ingredients, Stir & Cook Nutritious Meals All With One Touch.

Be A Founding Leader In The Future Of Cooking & Become An Exclusive Licensing Partner.

Cuisine Machine

The Live-In Chef You Need To Add Ingredients, Stir & Cook Nutritious Meals All With One Touch.
Be A Founding Leader In The Future Of Cooking & Become An Exclusive Licensing Partner.
Nutritious Meals Down To A Science

Fresh Food & A Healthier Lifestyle Using Time-Saving Technology

Can’t cook? Then don’t with Cuisine Machine!

Whether you’re a professional chef or culinary novice, you can use Cuisine Machine as the latest smart kitchen solution for restaurants and households that want home-cooked meals without compromising quality and convenience.

This cutting-edge kitchen tool replaces many regular appliances, using pre-programmed recipes and mechanics to automatically add ingredients during the cooking process for balanced meals made right every time. Furthermore, because Cuisine Machine cooks in an enclosed environment under pressure, it cuts conventional cooking time by two-thirds and retains valuable nutrients with every finished dish.

Simplify your cooking process with Cuisine Machine – Healthy Meals Assembled By Science.

International Award-Winning Design

Standout Household Invention Among Thousands Of Designers & Visionary Companies From Over 55 Countries

Watching & Waiting Is A Waste Of Time

If you can’t stand the idea of using minutes out of your day to cook, you’re not alone. Or you might enjoy the kitchen but have other items on your to-do list that you’d rather take care of at the same time.

What would you do if there was a way to streamline the cooking process?

Now there is with Cuisine Machine.


End Consumer

Improve Your Health At Home

One-third of the world’s population is overweight or obese. While many people plan to eat healthy and improve their overall wellbeing, they don’t have the time or know-how to cook a nutritious meal. Cuisine Machine will change that.

One machine to save on energy usage and repurpose surplus produce.


Automated features mean less time spent confined to the kitchen.


Electronic Recipe Cards are packed with healthy meals.

Proactively Fill In Labour Shortage Gaps

Nearly 80% of restaurants across the globe say a shortage of skilled workers is a concern. Cuisine Machine helps to keep the line moving and supports your restaurant staff with automated responses.

Save on extra salaries with a machine that automatically adds ingredients, stirs, and more.


Use only the ingredients needed without wasting excess inventory.


Give staff more time to multitask, clean, and take care of business.

Meet The Creator

Inventor, working professional, and mother, Subina Shami, struggled to provide healthy meals on a regular basis for her family while keeping up with her own busy schedule.

She addressed the problem and created her own convenient and compact kitchen solution with Cuisine Machine to make Healthy Meals Assembled By Science.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Cuisine Machine uses pre-programmed Electronic Recipe Cards to cook a well-balanced meal. You choose your recipe, load the ingredients needed, and simply press “Start”.

Cuisine Machine takes it from there using programmed instructions to automatically drop ingredients into a digitally temperature-monitored bowl, one by one, at specific times during cooking.

This smart device stirs, handles its pressure, and controls the temperature, all while you go about your business until your meal is ready!

Yes. You can see how this fully-automated kitchen appliance works by clicking the link below.

Testing automated cooking with the Cuisine Machine prototype
The Cuisine Machine is not currently on the market. However,we are open to discussing licensing and manufacturing with a serious supplier interested in the growing global multi-cooker market, valued at $720 million in 2020.
Unlike a pressure cooker, the Cuisine Machine automatically adds the ingredients for the user during the cooking process using patent pending technology.

Contact Subina Shami for more information.

Phone: +44 (0) 7700 327382

The Future Of Cooking Is Here!

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