Cuisine Machine Is Seeking A Manufacturer & Is Not Yet Available On The Market.

Invest In The Next Generation Of Cooking

Take On Economic Challenges & Improve Your ROI

There Are Not Enough Hands In The Kitchen

Commercial industry leaders constantly face an ebb and flow of labour shortages and fluctuating profit margins, which ultimately forces kitchens to innovate quickly to meet their business’s demands. If you can’t hire a sous chef for your team or already operate under an overly busy schedule, your next steps are limited.

Up To 10% Of Food Purchased By Restaurants Is Wasted Before Ever Reaching The Customer’s Table.

Imagine throwing away a portion of your inventory as soon as it arrives. That’s what restaurants do every day, which impacts their revenue and affects the number of resources left available.

Cuisine Machine addresses these issues and offers a time and money-saving alternative.

Automation In The Kitchen

Cuisine Machine makes the same meal perfectly every time using science at its source, keeping both customers and kitchen staff satisfied.

Cuisine Machine Is A Commercial Kitchen Solution To Save Businesses Time, Money & Other Valuable Resources.

Diversify Your Revenue Streams

Expand Your Portfolio & Discover Other Ways To Invest In Your Future
Release Your Own Recipes & Become A Chef Influencer
Explore Other Opportunities With Improved Profit Margins
Become An Established Voice In The Commercial Food Industry
Inspire Effective Environmental Change

Cuisine Machine's Key Features

Maximize Your KitchenStaff’s Abilities With AI Assistance
Support over worked kitchen staff & retain employees
Limit food waste with pre-set portions
Optimize kitchen workflow without compromising food quality

Frequently Asked Questions

The Cuisine Machine uses pre-programmed Electronic Recipe Cards to cook a well-balanced meal. You choose your recipe, load the ingredients needed, and simply press “Start”.

Cuisine Machine takes it from there using programmed instructions to automatically drop ingredients into a digitally temperature-monitored bowl, one by one, at specific times during cooking.

This smart device stirs, handles its pressure, and controls the temperature, all while you go about your business until your meal is ready!

Yes. You can see how this fully-automated kitchen appliance works by clicking the link below.

Testing automated cooking with the Cuisine Machine prototype
The Cuisine Machine is not currently on the market. However,we are open to discussing licensing and manufacturing with a serious supplier interested in the growing global multi-cooker market, valued at $720 million in 2020.
Unlike a pressure cooker, the Cuisine Machine automatically adds the ingredients for the user during the cooking process using patent pending technology.

Contact Subina Shami for more information.

Phone: +44 (0) 7700 327382

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Explore licensing the advanced patent pending technology of Cuisine Machine