RSA Fellowship for Subina Shami FRSA

The Royal Society for Arts, Manufactures and Commerce (RSA) has been at the forefront of significant social impact for over 260 years. It is where world-leading ideas are turned into world-changing actions. From the RSA staff to their Fellowship, to partners and practitioners, they are a unique global network of changemakers enabling people, places, and the planet to flourish.

Subina Shami joins the RSA Fellowship, an inclusive global community of over 30,000 influential and innovative problem solvers seeking ideas and solutions to resolve the challenges of our time.

Open and inclusive. The RSA champions curiosity, creativity, and courage to inspire better ways of thinking and doing. Their proven change process, rigorous research and design skills, innovative ideas platforms and wider convening power combine to enable the RSA to deliver solutions for lasting change.

The RSA aims to work on societal challenges where they can lead, provoke, and drive impact. They do this through programmes and project work in key areas where they and their Fellows have expertise. Key programmes include:

  • Design for Life – Enabling people, places, and the planet to flourish.
  • Future of Work – Let’s make work, work for all.
  • Regenerative Futures – A future where humans thrive as part of the Earth’s ecology.

Fellows of the RSA are committed to inspiring better ways of thinking, acting, and delivering change. They believe in a different future, where their aspirations are not limited to doing less harm but are supercharged by the desire to do more good.