Subina Shami Collaborates to Create Cuisine Machine

4D Products Ltd and Jersey, Channel Islands, based inventor Subina Shami are looking to revolutionise the world of cooking after receiving several prestigious awards for their Cuisine Machine prototype.

The fully automated product cooks elaborate recipes at the touch of a button. It follows programmed instructions of its electronic recipe card to automatically add ingredients during cooking, while also stirring and controlling temperature and pressure (psi). Cuisine Machine is the latest cutting-edge smart kitchen solution for restaurants and households who want home-cooked meals without compromising quality and convenience.

Subina Shami, the inventor of Cuisine Machine, is an inventor based in Jersey who seeks to transform the art of the home cooked meal into a simple, efficient, and automatic practice. Subina also believes that this product will help reduce food waste, as the Cuisine Machine also intends to be coupled with a subscription service which will mean that only specified amounts of ingredients will be sent per recipe, eliminating not only the problem of food waste for the consumer but also fully automated cooking means that following a recipe book will become a thing of the past.

The prototype is patent pending, with the unique functionality of automatically releasing ingredients during cooking, which sets it apart from the market competition.

At the prestigious British and International Awards categories at the British Invention Show, the product won a Platinum Award and a Double Gold in the Innovation Consumer and Invention Consumer categories respectively.

Further to this, in the International categories, Cuisine Machine also scooped a Diamond award in the David Nicholas OBE Design Awards.

Subina Shami herself was recognised with an Overall Global Exemplary Diamond Award for outstanding achievements, tenacity, and commitment capable of impacting lives.